What is SalmonPDM?


PDM - Personal Document Management - "A single integrated organiser for all personal and family records”"

Fast access to all your critical life records and documents such as birth certs, passports etc.

No more rummaging through a vast number of paper files – in your office, in your loft, in your garage - to find that document.

Documents Safely organised and filed into directories on your favourite cloud drive (Dropbox/GoogleDrive).

Directories Personalised to YOUR life.

Directory locations for each of your family member's (and dependents) legal documents, education records, medical records..

Directory locations for large assets such as your house(s), car(s).

Smart Icon access to key areas of your information cloud drive.

Template files such as "Budget Money speadsheet" or "Family Tree Spreadsheet" saved in correct directory.

Web links located in correct directory locations (localised for home country).

FREE for your first model.

SalmonPDM on Smartphone, Tablet, Browser, Windows.

"Access, Organise and Control your documents & data from anywhere - smartphone, tablet, laptop,.or any browser."