Library of Templates

Scan Sequence List.xls

Scan your documents into your Personal Data Manager in this order.

family tree.xls

Family Tree File

Expense Report.xls

A standardised way of recording your receipts and expenses, typically used as an aid to recover travel expenses

Detailed Professional History.doc

Keep a record of your Chronological Professional History. This will help create your new CV or help with recalling details of your professional career.

CV senior.doc

An example template of an experienced person's CV

CV junior.doc

An example template of a young person's CV

Chronological Personal History.xls

A historic Chronological listing of key events in your life.

child job chart.xls

Help encourage your child to earn rewards, with this Job/Reward chart

Budget Planner.xls

Organise your house budgeting with this easy planner

Body Measurements Girl.xls

Record your the current size measurements, shoes, clothes,..etc for each of your family members (Female)
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